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021 - A Calm Voice in the Dark: Manuel DeLeon

February 07, 2022 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
021 - A Calm Voice in the Dark: Manuel DeLeon
Show Notes

Today I'm taking you to the other side of the police radio, to the communications center, to talk about dispatchers.  We'll discuss what's happening during a 911 call from the point of view of the call taker and dispatcher.  And we'll ask what do officers sometimes not understand about the job of the person on the other side of the radio?  And what is life like for that disembodied voice in the dark?  

Today I'm talking to Manny DeLeon.  He's a supervisor at the Emergency Communications Center in Wyandotte County and he agreed to talk to me about all of this and more.  Listen as he talks about the process of taking a call and getting that crucial bit of information in just the nick of time.  Also listen to what he says about hiring and the challenge of keeping a communication center staffed.  Finally, I ask him what he would most want to see changed in communications.


Link to apply at Wyandotte County: wycokck.org/jobs

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Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 021