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025 - What is Compassion Fatigue: Richard Hartman

April 04, 2022 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
025 - What is Compassion Fatigue: Richard Hartman
Show Notes

Helping others may be the calling on your life but it comes at a cost.  There is a condition called compassion fatigue, or sometimes secondary traumatization, where the emotional strain of working with those who have been traumatized begins to accumulate and affect our health.  Basically, helping others builds up a residue which, if not dealt with in a healthy way, can hurt the helper.

Today we're talking to Richard Hartman, who is the lead chaplain at the Fort Wayne Police Department.  He discusses his role there supporting officers and as the pastor at Epiphany Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana and how after years of active service, compassion fatigue set in.  Listen to how it affected him and how he describes physical and emotional symptoms. Chaplain Hartman is a good example of someone overcoming compassion fatigue but make sure you note how long it took and the many ways that you can battle this condition before it becomes a health crisis for you.

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Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 025

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