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A Chaplain's First Ride Along: Jeremiah Holcomb - Bonus Ep 7

May 09, 2022 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
A Chaplain's First Ride Along: Jeremiah Holcomb - Bonus Ep 7
Show Notes

How do you do a ride along?  Today we talk to Jeremiah Holcomb, a new chaplain who just completed his first ride along.  Ride alongs are all about building the relationship between the chaplain and police officers.  It's perhaps the best way for chaplains to genuinely experience their world, increasing understanding and building rapport and trust.

The Ride Along Tips I messaged to Jeremiah:

  • Try to do the whole shift.
  • Ask about the first aid kit in the car, if the officer carries a tourniquet (& where), other safety equipment
  • When asking questions and making conversation, be aware the cop is also listening to the radio
  • Tell the officer you'll obey their commands; at most you'll provide another set of eyes.
  • When an officer knocks on a door, stand where you can see two sides of the house.
  • Don't touch anything, but you can point things out.
  • Don't be a distraction if at all possible; stay in the car, or at least out of the way, during traffic stops - some cops hate ride alongs because they are distracted taking care of the civilian's safety
  • Don't promise citizens anything because you don't know for sure

Music is by Chris Haugen

Hey Chaplain Podcast Bonus Episode 7

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