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039 - A Cop Undone: Norm Wielsch, Part 1

October 03, 2022 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
039 - A Cop Undone: Norm Wielsch, Part 1
Show Notes

The average age of an LEO suicide is in their early forties with almost 17 years of experience; so it's not always a young emotional cop who gets overwhelmed by stress and trauma.  It's sometimes the older cop, who was stressed out and traumatized years ago but now is unable to stay ahead of it because of age, illness, and life's complications.  The warrior mentality pushes the older cop to keep going, even when he or she can't anymore, and something has to give.  Maybe this leads to suicide but there are also other ways to self destruct as a cop.

Today I'm talking to Norm Wielsch.  Norm was a California cop who was successful in his career until PTSI, health problems, and addiction changed his life forever.  Norm became a criminal and was sentenced to 14 years in prison.  In this first of two parts, we'll discuss the trauma, the medical limitations, and the prescription med addiction that led to him ruining his career and ending up behind bars.

Warning: This episode contains discussion of traumatic events and suicide attempts.  Listener discretion is advised.

Norm's website for his book

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Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 039

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