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040 - How Not to Fumble a Lateral: Stephen Smith

October 17, 2022 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
040 - How Not to Fumble a Lateral: Stephen Smith
Show Notes

As a football fan, nothing makes me more nervous that ball carrier who is hemmed in but you can tell by his body language that he's looking to lateral the ball to a teammate.  That lateral is high risk and can make or break the game.  Likewise in law enforcement, feeling hemmed in and trapped can lead to the decision to make a lateral transfer to another department.  But how do you know if you should lateral?  Is that going to save your law enforcement career or just make you miserable?

Today we're talking to Captain Stephen Smith.  He has almost 30 years in law enforcement, including a pretty bit lateral from a small department to one ten times bigger, about mid-way through.  I asked Steve to come talk to you today about the pros and cons of making a lateral.

Music is by Chris Haugen and also by Winking Fox Music

Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 040

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