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043 - The Detective in the Dooryard: Tim Cotton

November 21, 2022 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
043 - The Detective in the Dooryard: Tim Cotton
Show Notes

A handful of years ago there was a time when police departments could be really funny on social media.  It was a more innocent time before everyone decided they were offended all the time at everything.  One of the leaders in the public display of cop humor was the Bangor Maine Police Department, whose Facebook page was run by my guest today, Tim Cotton.

Tim was a cop for 34 years mostly in Bangor, spending a lot of that time as a detective.  His time writing for the Facebook page of his department has led to a second career writing books.  Tim talks today about getting started as a writer, living in Maine, and how culture today has taken the humor out of law enforcement.  Thankfully, Tim's humor and his earnestness is still solidly intact.

Resources and Links:

  • The Detective in the Dooryard
  • Got Warrants
  • Dawn in the Dooryard
  • Tim's website: timcottonwrites.com

Music is by Chris Haugen and also by Winking Fox Music

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