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044 - Wellness Officers Explained: Wendy Hummel

December 05, 2022 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
044 - Wellness Officers Explained: Wendy Hummel
Show Notes

Are we beginning to turn a corner in law enforcement wellness?  If we are, at least part of the credit should go to agencies that have begun wellness programs in their departments.  The people who run those programs are called wellness officers or wellness coordinators.

My guest today, Wendy Hummel, is a retired police detective who came back to law enforcement to be the wellness coordinator at her local Sheriff's Office.  We discuss what it takes to be a wellness officer and how to get started.  Don't miss what Wendy says picking someone to be that program coordinator, the importance of a peer support program, and what police skills Wendy says helped her start a wellness program in a new agency.

Resources and Links:

  • Guns & Yoga podcast
  • Pause First Academy - Pausefirst.com
  • Mindfulness for Warriors by Kim Colegrove

Music is by Chris Haugen and also by Winking Fox Music

Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 044

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