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051 - Rural Cop: Sheriff Randy Henderson

March 06, 2023 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
051 - Rural Cop: Sheriff Randy Henderson
Show Notes

I don't want to neglect the countless thousands of small agencies in small rural towns across America.  So today we're talking to Sheriff Randy Henderson.  Sheriff Henderson is from the small city of Hutchinson, out in Reno County, Kansas.  The Sheriff has been in law enforcement for over 40 years, including time in narcotics before switching from the police department in town to a very rural Sheriff's Office. Imagine having each patrol deputy cover 300 square miles apiece!

Make sure you catch what he says about transitioning from narcotics back to patrol, as well as the story of his signature work of building a new county jail and all of the complicated pieces that went into that achievement.  This is good episode for thinking about a long career in law enforcement and how your career might evolve in unexpected directions.

Music is by Chris Haugen and by Winking Fox

Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 051

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