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064 - Bank Robbery Shootout: Peter Houlahan

August 21, 2023 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
064 - Bank Robbery Shootout: Peter Houlahan
Show Notes

The Norco shootout is a very modern critical incident, despite happening over 40 years ago.  Apart from the lack of cell phones, much of this could happen today.   The bank robbery, shootout, and manhunt that happened in Riverside County California in 1980 are important in part because it is one of just a few historical events that directly led to every police car in America having a patrol rifle.  It's also important because four decades have passed; this gives us the ability to more accurately reflect on what went wrong, what tools made a difference, and what mistakes did law enforcement leadership make before, during, and after an incident that shot up 32 police cars and a police helicopter.

Peter Houlahan is an author and a first responder.  He wrote the seminal book on the subject of the Norco shootout, titled Norco '80.


Music is by Chris Haugen and by Alexander Nakarada

Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 064


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