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065 - The Ultimate Cold Case: J Warner Wallace

September 04, 2023 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
065 - The Ultimate Cold Case: J Warner Wallace
Show Notes

Today we're talking about cold case investigation with J Warner Wallace, he's a famous cold case homicide detective who had his cases featured on television for a decade. Interestingly, he also was once a 35 year old atheist cop who applied his knowledge of solving cold cases to the Bible and then became a Christian.  A police officer who's law enforcement skills led him to faith?  Now that's an interesting story.

The first twenty minutes or so are about cold case investigations: how to build a case to convince a jury, how to work with a DA, and how to prioritize your cases.  In the second half of the interview we transition to Jim's personal story of investigating Christianity like a cold case detective and being transformed from vocal atheist to believing Christian.  And don't miss what he says at the end of interview about working in a job full of skeptics as a new believer. Again, the religious stuff kicks in about 22 minutes in (and it's really interesting!) but please don't miss one of the most famous cold case detectives in the country talking about his work.


Music is by Chris Haugen

Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 065


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