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066 - Officer Integrity and Dishonesty: Ward Jenkins

September 18, 2023 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
066 - Officer Integrity and Dishonesty: Ward Jenkins
Show Notes

Ward Jenkins is joining us again.  I was wanting to do an episode, not specifically on Internal Affairs, but generally about officer integrity.  Ward has a good story on that topic and he was also adjacent to the famous Rampart Corruption Scandal in LA over twenty years ago.  So Ward can speak specifically about cops throwing away their career, or worse, for short term gain.  There is no greater danger to your career than compromise; this is an area you absolutely have to get right.

Music is by Chris Haugen and by Alexander Nakarada

Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 066


Police, Accusations, Board of Rights, Career, Compromise, Corruption, Drugs, Ethics, Homeless, Integrity, Internal Affairs, Investigation, Scandal, Rampart, Skid Row, Los Angeles, California

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