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067 - Münchausen Managers: Warren Wilson

October 02, 2023 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
067 - Münchausen Managers: Warren Wilson
Show Notes

Naturally, I think every cop should listen to every episode of Hey Chaplain.  But this one… this is really important.  It's about leadership and integrity, corruption and gaslighting… it's a about a type of dishonest supervisor who can destroy the culture of a police department and then walk away looking like the only hero.  Warren Wilson calls that character a Münchausen Manager and he wrote an article about it for Police1, which is how I found him.  Listen to this episode, read Warren's article, and pass this on so that everyone will have the vocabulary to explain the odd behavior we sometimes see.


Music is by Chris Haugen and by Alexander Nakarada

Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 067


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