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068 - Married to an Officer: Erica Davis

October 16, 2023 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
068 - Married to an Officer: Erica Davis
Show Notes

Marriage in law enforcement seems like a doomed subject sometimes.  It's difficult so people talk about it as if it's impossible.  But I know several long time married, wise and successful couples where one or both have been cops and they prove that it absolutely is possible to survive an LEO career and keep your marriage.  So today we're talking to Erica Davis.  Erica married a cop… and lived to tell the tale!  If fact, I found her teaching classes at a conference about how to provide meaningful help to LEO wives and that inspired me to get an interview with her.

Music is by Chris Haugen, by Brian Bolger, and by FSM Team

Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 068


Marriage, Communication, Culture, Dispatchers, Family, Law Enforcement, Police, Priorities, Purposefulness, Relationships, Schedules, Stress, Support, Understanding, Colorado, Kansas 

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