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070 - City by the Bay Shooting: Jim Dudley

November 06, 2023 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
070 - City by the Bay Shooting: Jim Dudley
Show Notes

Today we have an officer involved shooting story from San Francisco.  Our guest is Jim Dudley, who you might know as the voice of the Policing Matters podcast from Police1.com.   Jim is also a retired deputy chief from San Francisco PD and offered to tell his story from when he was a patrol officer in the City by the Bay.  Take note of what a close call this fight was for both Jim and his partner, and notice how he describes the effect it had on him immediately afterward.


  • Jim's podcast is one of the largest police related podcasts; it's called Policing Matters
  • Also check out other resources available at Police1.com

Music is by Track Tribe

Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 070


Police, Career, Defensive Tactics, Drugs, Equipment, Fights, Investigation, Patrol, Shooting, Trauma, Violence, San Francisco, California

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