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071 - Getting Them to Talk: Mike Baldwin

November 20, 2023 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
071 - Getting Them to Talk: Mike Baldwin
Show Notes

How do you get the bad guy to offer up  a confession?  It may be part science but it's also largely an art, managing not only the psychology of the suspect but also your own emotions, like pride, anger, disgust, and impatience.  For most officers it helps to have someone dialed in who can mentor you and help you find that balance that produces results.  Today I'm talking to Mike Baldwin who was a cop from Maricopa County, Arizona for over 20 years.  We talk about getting your career advancement stopped by office politics and how Mike reestablished himself as an effective investigator who could get suspects to write confessions.

Music is by FSM Team, by the Mini Vandals, and by Chris Haugen

Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 071


Police, Career, Bitterness, Detectives, Demotion, Interviews, Investigations, Miranda, Office politics, Resiliency, Suspects, Arizona

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