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072 - Immigrant Cop: Violeta Magee

December 04, 2023 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
072 - Immigrant Cop: Violeta Magee
Show Notes

The United States has a long history of first generation immigrants filling the roles of first responders, both police and fire.  As long as there has been police and fire stations, there have been uniformed personnel with a bit of a foreign accent.  So I wanted to bring you a modern example of someone who was born in a foreign country and immigrated here, overcoming language and cultural barriers .  Today we're talking to Violeta Magee who immigrated with her family from the former Yugoslavia.  Violetta grew up in a war-torn country but immigrated to the United States and became a cop and has now risen through the ranks in our department in Kansas City.

Music is by Brian Bolger and by Chris Haugen

Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 072


Police, Cadet, Career, Culture, Detective, Immigrant, Language, Promotions, Kansas City, Kansas, Texas, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia

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