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010 - Serving Up Love: Ginger Passarelli, The Soup Ladies

September 20, 2021 Jared Altic, Ginger Passarelli
Hey Chaplain
010 - Serving Up Love: Ginger Passarelli, The Soup Ladies
Show Notes

Today I get to talk to Ginger Passarelli. Ginger is the executive director and founder of the Soup Ladies, a nonprofit that feeds first responders during crisis situations in the Pacific Northwest and around the country.  She is also a trained chaplain with two police departments and two fire departments in the Seattle area.

In my conversation with her today, Ginger explains how this extraordinary ministry got started and what it looks like when they take food and love to police and firefighters in extreme scenarios, including fires, search and rescue, line of duty deaths, and Antifa riots.

Make sure you note her rare combination of talent, experience, and loving devotion to first responders. And listen to what she says it takes to start an amazing program like this in your city. 

The Soup Ladies: http://www.soupladies.org

Blessings to our listeners in South Africa; may God protect you while you serve.

Music is by Chris Haugen from the YouTube Audio Library and by Winking Fox Music from Pixebay.

Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 010

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