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016 - The Feds You've Never Heard Of: David Renfro, TIGTA

December 06, 2021 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
016 - The Feds You've Never Heard Of: David Renfro, TIGTA
Show Notes

Today I'm talking to Special Agent David Renfro, a federal agent for the Treasury Department.  David's diverse career took him from being a Federal Air Marshal right after 9/11 to working on joint terrorism task forces and eventually as an investigator with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, a job he calls the best kept secret in Federal law enforcement.  All along the way he had opportunities to do a wide variety of training at FLETC in Glynco, Georgia, a federal training center he recently returned to  as a staff member and program manager.

This episode gives you a lot of wisdom from David as he talks about the twists and turns of his career. He explains how he decided to make each move and how to prepare for the next step in his career.  And hang on to the end where David comments on how he timed his latest career move based on his family dynamics.


Man Alive, by Patrick Morely

Music is by Chris Haugen from the YouTube Audio Library and the KCKPD Pipes and Drums.

Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 016

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