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020 - What is Moral Injury: Debra Fontes

January 31, 2022 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
020 - What is Moral Injury: Debra Fontes
Show Notes

In the past we've have a limited way to talk about trauma and distress which was helped over 40 years ago when we began using the term PTSD in some situations.  But this term doesn't fully cover what every first responder might be going through and I want to introduce you to some of these newer terms and concepts.

My guest today is Debra Fontes.  She is a law enforcement chaplain in Sacramento, California, and trains other chaplains.  One of the topics she  teaches is the subject of moral injury.   Moral injury is not PTSD, although it may occur at the same time or come from the same event.  Listen to Debra as she walks me through the similarities and differences between Post Traumatic Stress Injury and Moral Injury.

Today you'll hear Debra give encouragement to those who have suffered trauma and challenge police chaplains to speak life and health into our officers' lives.  Also listen for the distinction between feeling guilt over something and feeling shame, and what effect that has on an officer at home.


The Moral Injury Workbook by Wyatt R. Evans PhD, et al.

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Hey Chaplain Podcast Episode 020