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Cop for Congress: Jonathon Westbrook - Bonus Ep 23

October 09, 2023 Jared Altic
Hey Chaplain
Cop for Congress: Jonathon Westbrook - Bonus Ep 23
Show Notes

Today we're talking again to Jonathon Westbrook, from episode 011.  Now, two years later, Jonathon is running for a seat in the US House of Representatives. Because he's making a first time run for congress, I wanted to put his story in front of you, to give you a glimpse into the process, and to talk about what it means for a cop to run for public office. I know a lot of you can follow the same path, and maybe you should, but before you do, please listen to Jonathon talk about the reasons why you should or shouldn't get into politics. Listen to what he says about matters of character and principle and values, because moving from law enforcement to elected office can be a great way to serve but it can also undo you.

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Hey Chaplain Podcast Bonus Episode 23


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